World's First Lens Evaluation

These lenses are just incredible! They make beautiful, super smooth images. They have so much texture and character in them, despite the fact that they're also the world's most advanced lenses: They are the fastest large format lenses in the world, at a T1.8. They're spherical lenses, but with the assistance of an astigmatiser, they have anamorphic flares. They're internally motorized, so wireless FIZ units don't need gears on the rods.

This was shot entirely in 8K and finished in 4K HDR. (Of course, even the 4K web file won't be in HDR. Yet...) Also, these images were not graded with keys or secondaries. This is Light Iron Color with primaries only.

Year of Release: 2017

Running Length: 2 Mins.

Shooting Format: Panavision DXL


I don't normally post projects I don't Direct, but this one was extra special.

In June of 2016, Panavision, the parent company for Light Iron (my day job), came out with the first digital camera to bear the esteemed "Millennium" signature: the large format Millennium DXL. 8K, 15+ DR, all sorts of other goodies.

Then, in June of 2017, Panavision announced a brand new series of ultra-smooth large format lenses, the Primo Artiste series. And I was lucky enough to be asked to be Director of Photography for the very first real-world evaluation, making me the first person in the world to shoot with them!

The lenses were literally hand delivered to us the day before we shot, as each one was finished being engraved. We had flies on set that were older than these lenses!