Warring factions of Singuli and Polloi have trapped one young man in the midst of bloody conflict. Daniels and his violent superior officer, Emerson, are the only Polloi left alive on a prison transport after a destructive jailbreak. Their one companion on the now-damaged ship is a grizzled Singuli prisoner.

With limited time and a dwindling air supply Daniels and Emerson must decide whether or not to trust the prisoner to save the ship, and their lives. A battle brews between Daniels and Emerson as their chances for survival slip further away. Daniels is forced to choose between hatred for the enemy and faith in a future with limitless possibilities.

Year of Release: 2013

Running Length: 16 Mins.

Shooting Format: Fuji Super 35mm, Panavision GII


This project I shot as my thesis film in December of 2011 with a grant from Panavision. It took the better part of the next three years to finish, and festivals didn't really love that it was a sci-fi short with hardly any action, but i couldn't be more proud.

I have always wanted to make a film that shows the benefits of staying humble and continually challenging your own beliefs, and the science fiction genre offers the perfect avenue for this. It forces the audience to view the story objectively, unfettered by their earthly allegiances.

I believe I have achieved this objective, but don't take my word for it! Take a watch at left, and decide for yourself!

Production Stills

All shot on large format B&W Hasselblad by Amanda Holzhauer